• The test for obtaining the TÜV certificate for TAROX products consisted of a standard procedure for all braking components, rigidly regulated by the above mentioned EC regulations.
    The brakes were tested in different circumstances by simulating varying road situations while varying the vehicle load and performing normal braking applications, an abrupt emergency stop at two thirds of the vehicles maximum speed and a series of consecutive high speed emergency stops. The brakes were then thoroughly examined and X-Rayed in the TÜV laboratories

    Gianni Taroni’s mantra ‘the constant research of the ultimate braking performance’ continues through the company with caliper design constantly evolving, and new applications always being added. To keep quality levels at a constant high the TAROX fast road range is TUV approved whilst the
    factory complies with UNI EN IS0.TAROX’s ability to solve braking problems quickly opened the door to the premier class of car racing when Didier Pironi won the 1980 Formula 1

  • Piston Number
    In principle the more the better, so choose six instead of four and ten instead of six unless the relevant Technical Regulations dictate a limit in the calipers number of pistons. More pistons means:
    1. Pressure is more evenly distributed across the pads.
    2. Better cooling action of the pads, because of more airflow behind the pad’s metal support.
    3. Less stress factors on the caliper itself.
    4. More responsive brake pedal.


TAROX’s unique approach to disc finishing gives an ultra-stable braking surface and unparalleled heat resistance.

This heat resistance begins long before the finishing stage as raw materials are selected specifically for their ability to remain stable under high stress and high temperatures.

This raw material is uniquely aged and treated in order to enhance the properties of the steel. A traditional process that TAROX has guarded closely since 1976.

Once the details of the disc are machined, it’s possible to begin the surface finishing process. The exact process depends on the style of disc in question, with 2 piece discs receiving additional finishing to ensure a perfectly uniform bell mounting face.

Only then can the unique surface grinding begin. This is a several stage process that prepares the disc surface for the rigours of track use during it’s life. Only TAROX discs are finished in this way and give TAROX discs their stable braking surface that our customers have come to depend on.


At the heart of every TAROX brake product is years of top level motorsport experience, perfect engineering and artisan craftsmanship. Since 1976 TAROX have been creating high performance brakes for motorsport and road.

Each TAROX product begins as a concept to improve performance. During the design phase Tarox engineers use CAD and FEA hand in hand to hone these concepts into highly engineered braking solutions.

During production CNC machines craft TAROX callipers from raw aluminium billet, these CAM processes plus a skilled eye for detail ensure Tarox disc surfaces are perfectly prepared for optimum performance.

Turning these raw materials into high performance braking solutions is something we regard as art and every aspect of the design must be beautiful, just like these CNC milled disc cooling vanes.

TAROX is a company looking to the future in terms of technology, but one that holds heritage and tradition in high regard, a tradition that has stood strong since ’76.


It’s hard to imagine a tuning and modified car scene without big brake kits, but in 1990 there simply wasn’t. TAROX founder Gianni Taroni wanted to offer a total braking solution for drivers of performance cars on the road.

Racing brake kits existed, but these just weren’t suitable for the road. Gianni used his experience in racing and engineering to create brake kit 001 – originally designed for one of the purest driving machines ever built, the BMW E30 M3.

Our caliper technology has moved on significantly since then, but the philosophy and passion of the TAROX brake kit remains the same in 2016. TAROX brake kits are always tailored to their specific vehicle ensuring they offer a driver improved braking in all situations while maintaining a firm, usable pedal.

Currently the TAROX brake application list for road cars boasts more than 4000 applications, while the racing catalogue lists more than 20 different calipers and 100 types of racing rotors.