Brake Discs S2-2076

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TAROX Teiling brake discs are available for any Motorsport application. The raw materials used in the manufacturing process come from specialised foundries that are ISO9000 and TÜV certified.
The discs are produced from solid billet and have been designed to have exceptionally high tensile strength. The Ultimate Tensile Strength (U.T.S) for these discs is rated at 67kg per square mm. To put this figure into perspective the standard for racing specification discs is usually 38kg per square mm and the CEE standard U.T.S is 25 kg per square mm.

Two manufacturing processes give TAROX discs their outstanding quality

  • All racing discs are subject to a residual stress relieving heat treatment to deliver the best performance in all conditions. This keeps the disc more stable at extreme temperatures. Characteristics such as warping, cracking, fade, knock off are all massively reduced and pad and disc life is extended dramatically.
  • After being machined the surface of each discs is manually ground to a tolerance approaching 0.015mm creating a perfectly level surface to ensure that the discs will run true
As designs are available:
  • F2000 
  • C83 
  • Sport Japan 
  • D95 


S/VS — Solid brake discs
F — Stud hole arrangement
E — Central Bore (in millimetres)
B — Thickness (in millimetres)11.0
А — Diameter (in millimetres)300.0

This product is compatible with:

  • Maserati Merak Rear axle 73-75